The Top Skype Call Recorder for Windows & MAC (Supports Skype v8)

There are tons of ways one can use Skype. The first being making calls to their loved ones. However, for professionals and students, Skype has more to offer.

As a professional, you can interact with your colleagues. Share ideas and work on projects no matter the distance barriers. Therefore, you’ll need a means of ensuring that you remember everything you discuss.

For students, you’ll also need Skype to communicate with your classmates and tutors. Therefore, you’ll also need to find a Skype Recorder for Windows that can make it easier for you. A solution of ensuring that you capture everything you get to talk about.

These recorders allow you to record skype calls, both videos, and audio. Some offer additional features that allow you to edit and review these recordings. To find the best, look at the suggestions below.


CallGraph Skype Recorder

Before choosing a Skype Recorder for Windows, you need to know how it integrates. CallGraph acts as an addon on Skype. Thus allowing you to record files in both MP3 format and WAV.

Likewise, for security purposes, CallGraph only works when you open Skype. Therefore, you needn’t worry about recording anything else on your PC. Besides, this will make it easier for you to ensure that CallGraph is working.

Furthermore, storing these documents is simple. You can opt to choose a specific path. However, if you haven’t chosen one, the files are automatically saved in My Documents folder.

After recording a Skype call, you can edit it with any editor. Therefore, you can get to use CallGraph to record podcasts and phone interviews. Thus ensuring that you retain all the data without any hurdles.


PrettyMay Call Recorder for Skype

When looking for the best Skype Call Recorder, you’ll have to understand that some are free while others are paid. With PrettyMay, you’ll have to opt between free and paid versions. With the free version, you’ll lack support for saving the voicemails as MP3 files.

Furthermore, you’ll be unable to personalize a voicemail and chat replies. Also, recording Skype chats will be impossible. However, there’s more that the free version has to offer.

First, you’re able to save all skype calls in either WAV or MP3 formats. Therefore, you needn’t worry about the ability to edit these calls. Besides, it’ll save you time and space.

Likewise, it’ll act as a Skype answering machine. Therefore, when you’re away from your computer, the recorder can answer the call or even cue your voicemail. After this, someone can opt to leave their message.


Supertintin Skype Recorder


Not all Skype call recorders record video. With Supertintin, you’re capable of recording both audio and videos. Besides, there’s support for recording a voicemail and sharing any videos.

The interface is the recorder too is another thing you’ll fall in love with. Supertintin has an intuitive interface. You’ll be able to easily find your way around, record and playback all the files.

Furthermore, the quality of the recordings is unique. Supertintin ensures that you don’t lose any validity of the recorded files. When recording, Supertintin ensures that there won’t be data loss or screen tearing for videos.

Picture in picture mode is another reason for choosing Supertintin. Here, you’re capable of recording videos wither side by side, picture in picture or Remote/Local only. More so, you can record videos as two different files to avoid any confusion.


Callnote for Skype

One advantage of Callnote is its versatility. It’s amongst the best recorders which support tons of other forums besides Skype. Therefore, with such a large support base, you’re certain to attain the best improvements over time.

The available editing tools make it easier for you to polish all your recordings. After recording in either MP3 or WAV, you’re able to edit these files and upload them online. Likewise, highlighting is possible to ensure that you guide your audience on what to focus on.

Besides recording MP3, you’re also able to record videos. Therefore, when recording, you can choose to insert titles or even comments. These will make it easier for you to remember specific content.


Vodburner for Windows


When interacting with any recorder, you’ll need to find one with an intuitive interface. Vodburner has one of the simplest interfaces. All the buttons are clearly labeled to ensure that you don’t make the wrong choice.

To begin a call recording, you’ll only have to choose the Call Recording option. Here, you’ll find the record button, pause, stop and edit. Furthermore, you have a hang-up option in case you don’t want to continue with the call.

The previous calls option makes it easier for you to access all your recordings. Here, you’re able to view all the calls, the duration and the time. Therefore, you won’t lose track of any recordings.


Evaer Skype Recorder


Before choosing a skype recorder, you need to learn about all the available features. With Evaer, you’re able to test it out with a free trial. This will give you an insight into the software thus making the best decision.

However, with the trial, you need to be aware that you only have a 5-minute limit for all recordings. The only way to removing this limitation is attaining the license. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to enjoy all the other premium features.

Evaer isn’t an add-in. However, after installation, you ought to run Skype. After this, you’re able to know when the connection is ready since Evaer will display a large green Ready button.

Recording is a simple process. All you must do is place a call and click on the large red button, or enable auto recording. You have the option of pausing and muting the calls. Likewise, while talking, you’re able to view some graphs that indicate whether the audio is working.


iFree Skype Recorder


Most free recorders have some limitations. However, iFree has none. You won’t have to forego anything when choosing iFree Skype Recorder.

First, you have both automatic and manual recording options. Therefore, you have control on all the content you get to record. Besides, with automatic calls, you’re able to ensure that no information is missed.

The interface too is simple. You have large buttons for recording, pausing and stopping. More so, there’s an ideal timer to show you how long you’ve been recording. With this, you can limit the size of all your call records to ensure they don’t take much space on your PC.


DVDVideoSoft Free Skype Video Recorder

Most Video call recorders for Skype aren’t free. DVDVideoSoft, however, is amongst the few recorders that ensure you attain the best experience. Besides being free, you’re also able to take advantage of the unique interface.

Using DVDVideoSoft is simple. Everything is properly laid out. Therefore, recording will be quick and simple since all the buttons are easy to figure out.

When recording, you can opt to capture both sides or even one side only. With this, you’ll save some space and focus more on the content you want to record. For the videos, however, you’re only able to record the recipient’s side.


Amolto Call Recorder for Skype

Automatic call recording is essential with any Skype recorder. Amolto allows you to accomplish this since it launches after you log into Windows. Therefore, don’t worry if you have to allow some additional permissions.

Likewise, since you’re using it as a native recorder, you’re able to integrate it with your microphone and speakers easily. Through this, you won’t have distorted call records. Everything will be clear, thus being able to ensure you find the best quality.

Furthermore, its simple to navigate through all the recordings. The feature is available for all Windows users, and it allows you to listen and edit all your recordings. More so, you attain additional data like the size and the length of the recordings.


TalkHelper Call Recorder for Skype


When recording videos or calls, you need to ensure they’re smooth. TalkHelper is amongst the best Skype Recorders for Windows that’ll allow you to accomplish this. While recording videos, you’re able to save them in either XVID codec or even AVI.

Nonetheless, you’re able to retain all the frames when recording videos. Therefore, you won’t experience any screen tearing. Likewise, you needn’t worry even if the video is full screen or a floating window.

Besides recording calls, you’re able to save any voicemail and video messages. So doing allows you to review and edit them anytime you’d like. Furthermore, with the frequent updates, you’re certain that TalkHelper will support all the latest Skype versions.

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