About bitly.tv

For a while now, as we’ve watched bit.ly grow to more than 2 billion clicks a month, we’ve thought about the best way to surface our “top bits” — the most interesting, most quickly-trending links across the whole of the bit.ly service. We decided to start with a bite-sized approach. Our second Labs project showcases the most viral videos shared on bit.ly. We call it bitly.tv.

bit.ly TV is like the internet itself. There are parts of it that are terribly serious and important — like the footage of students battling the basiji on the streets of Tehran — alongside other bits, like the upside-down French bulldog puppy and the Ukelele kid, meant to surprise and delight.

The videos on bitly.tv are sorted by what we call “bitrank”. This is a proprietary algorithm that goes beyond just the number of clicks on the associated bit.ly link to include retweets and other social gestures, as well as the number of times other bit.ly users have shortened and shared the same video. We also filter for spam, inappropriate content, and other content types that we feel my offend the bit.ly community.”

Anyone who uses bit.ly can be featured in bit.ly TV. The best way to ensure your videos are added is via the Facebook share specifications. If you have any questions about bit.ly TV, feel free to contact us at: sashilover@163.com , we welcome your input!