Since more than 2 billion links per month shorten their services through their links, bitly.Tv can see what some of the most popular and shared content on the web is. Today, it is exposing the most popular videos shared by people through our website, this is the second project under bit. ly labs.

Since bitly.tv is the main way people share links on Weibo, bitLy tv may be called Twitter TV. The featured video is a bitrank algorithm based on bit. ly. General Manager Andrew Cohen said: “The algorithm focuses on speed, popularity and durability.” We are studying the social distribution history of each video to determine what is the trend and predict what will go wild.”


The url shortens the space and becomes more and more crowded, and a large number of new companies and existing companies put their products on the table. Google is the latest example of this. Bitly.tv tries to stay ahead of the competition, because products like bitly tv and bit. ly pro currently allow limited beta users to create their own brand short urls. They already have a very strong beta user base, including the New York Times and the Quartet